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Crystal Falls Farm is located on Provincial Route 327 approximately 8km. south of St. Jovite Quebec and is located exactly midway between St. Jovite and the town of Arundel.

Crystal Falls is an old mill site where a grist and sawmill operated before the turn of the century. Crystal Falls was the northernmost English settlement in the County of Argenteuil. The English speaking settlers moved north along the Ottawa and then up the Rouge River to Arundel. Crystal Falls was a small community with a school, cheese factory and church. Settlers carved out farms along the banks of the Rouge River and led a hard subsistence existence.

An annual service is held at the Knox Church (Presbyterian) at Crystal Falls every year on Labour Day weekend. Many people with roots in the area come from as far away as Winnipeg to attend this service. All are welcome.

Crystal Falls Farm today is a conifer arboretum with many species of conifers planted for both nursery and long term lumber harvest. A small cut-your-own Christmas tree operation is carried on. It is open for the three weekends prior to Christmas every year.

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Some of the species offered for sale as nursery stock are:

Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea Pungens Glauca) grown from seeds collected from the Kaibab National Forest on the North side of the Grand Canyon. Some 6,000 of these trees have been planted over the past 4 years and specimens are now 3-4 feet high.

Fraser Fir (Abies Fraseri)from the Roan Mountain Forest in North Carolina. This variety of Balsam Fir is very soft to the touch and is acknowledged as the finest Christmas tree. Fraser Fir buds open (flush) late in the spring and this species appears to have adapted well to our climate. The first harvest of Fraser Fir Christmas trees was in December 1995 and this is one of the fine trees that made a family happy this year!

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Many types of Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) have been planted. Two in particular are a variety of East Anglia Breck and Kinveachy from Scotland. These trees were planted in 1991 and will be ready for harvest in 1998/9 as Christmas trees.

A large forest of 16,000 Red Pine (Pinus Resinosa) was plantted in 1984 with the intention of growing this stand to maturity for timber. This photo depicts annual growth rates for the tree to 1991. The trees are now over 15 feet in 1995.

Of particular note is one of the largest surviving - over 170 years - white pines (Pinus Strobus) in the region that is located on the property. This tree is listed with the heritage trees of Canada and seeds are gathered every year and grown. Crystal Falls Heritage white pines may be purchased.

Anyone with a serious interest in conifers is invited to visit and paths have been established throughout the farm for easy access to all parts.
The old farmhouse which once housed the post office has been restored and now is the home of LaurentianChat...a new electronic post office!

Balled and burlapped trees are available for sale both to individuals and landscapers. Contact us for pricing and delivery information.

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