Marc Chagall - Circus Rider on  Red Horse.

What do you want for Christmas?
Christopher C. Goodfellow
December 16 1998

A Chagall would do nicely!

But first I would like my wagon wheel returned which was removed from the end of my barn.

This wheel was the subject of a recent editorial on LaurentianWeb "No Broken Spokes" and just might be the first web inspired theft that I know of.

If it was stolen because of someone's appreciation of the fine workmanship and aesthetic qualities, I will allow that I, too, have often marvelled at beautiful old pieces on rural properties. But I have a clear conscience that I have never liberated anything quite so boldly as having to go up 20 feet on a ladder to do so. In fact, I have never liberated anything without asking first and you would be surprised at how accomodating rural folk can be. (Read...I have other wheels which I would have been happy to sell you at a nominal price...)

If it was stolen to make a political statement, then we have a problem. Come back and speak to me face to face...cowards.

Now to what I really want for Christmas.

I had the opportunity to listen to excerpts from Bishop Desmond Tutu's recent address at Bishop's University. Encouragement is a useful tool. And Desmond Tutu stands as a giant man of encouragement. Nothing struck me more than his affirmation that "in the final analysis it is a moral and just world that we live in".

It is this message that no tyrrany of whatever form can last forever. Apatheids and Pinochets in many disguises will fall. That in the end truth, justice and morality will prevail.

Desmond Tutu also let us know that "we couldn't have done it without you". You. All of you who will stand for universal truths and human rights without equivocation.

It was in a sense a Christmas message. It is one of Hope.

TJMWP. Truth, justice and morality will prevail.

It is what I want for Christmas.

And it is not for sale.


Did you see Marc Chagall hiding in the painting above?

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