Fire StoryThis story on a local forest fire has now been accessed 8,300 times since August 1997 on LaurentianWeb. It was hit from sites in Europe, Japan and even Copsta Rica! It could be your file and your story on your own webpage!

To all users and visitors to LaurentianWeb.

December 4, 1998.

LaurentianWeb can now offer anyone in the Laurentians the lowest cost personal or business websites in the Laurentians under the  domain.  is the most heavily trafficked site in the Laurentians with audited hits reaching 43,941 in October 1998 with visitors from all over the world.

These hit rates surpass any local ISP websites and get your pages out before a larger and more varied audience worldwide. Our site is positioned on a major webfarm in the U.S. right on a T3 pipe and as a result our website is wormed by the major search engines weekly.

To anyone considering a website whether personal or business, you want to be on a site where you get noticed! You want to be on LaurentianWeb.  Your pages get indexed on major search engines constantly giving you much greater exposure.

All our pages are indexed on AltaVista, Excite and Lycos plus LaurentianWeb has its very own search engine on its site that indexes every word on all pages on the site.

Personal Websites:

Your website address would be

Its that simple! The cost is a low prepaid $20/year up to 100K of storage. Yes read that correctly...per year. This is sufficient space for a reasonable personal website with 3-4 gifs or jpeg pictures. You can buy additional 1meg of memory for a low $2.00/month if you contemplate a lot more graphics.

Post your family pictures for relatives across the world. Be creative and express yourself any way you want!

You manage your own website. You upload your pages and or images into a special directory where they'll be placed on the net.

You can even use some of the special tools you won't find anywhere else like cgi scripts that will automatically mail a filled in form back to you!

For a small additional fee we can put your website behind a firewall accessible only to those you give access to via password or we can give you a private ftp site and  hyperlink.

Your webpage will be hyperlinked from your online address listing at on laurentianWeb  as well.

Business and Commercial Websites:

If you work using the net, here is an easy inexpensive solution!

The lowest cost websites business and commercial around!  $25.00/month for 5 megs of webspace!.

LaurentianWeb ...easy access...inexpensive...always online!

Unlike local ISP's your webpages are not stored on multipurpose servers handling net connections, e-mail and other tasks that frequently slow page delivery, but they are stored on dedicated high speed Digital Alpha Webservers with multiple redundancy.

Commercial and business  websites will be provided with a complete monthly hit analysis, file by file, and a copy of the origin of the hits. Personal users can subscribe for an additional fee for this service.

Help? Design?... We can help you design an effective business or commercial site. Inexpensively and quickly.

LaurentianWeb's has been up and on air for four years. was one of the first 10 private internet e-mail providers in Quebec. We have more experience and knowledge in webserving than anyone in the Laurentians.  It is a proven site with established traffic. It simply is the place to put your personal and business webpages for visibility and easy access.

As a bonus! We can now arrange a secure commerce site for you right on LaurentianWeb if you want to run an internet based business and povide your customers with the security and knowledge that their transactions with you are secure.

It doesn't matter what ISP you use -we don't care-, you can access LaurentianWeb's webserver to upload your webpages from any ISP anywhere in the world.

For further information contact chris goodfellow.  Your webpage can be up and posted not next month or next year but in as little as 5 minutes if you've got the html text completed!

If you are a W95 user and would like to upgrade your system and install the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 we'd be happy to loan you a cd-rom to install it. We also will come to your home, install & upgrade your computer and give you an hour of personalized instruction in using the new Outlook Express e-mail integrated into this system for a fixed fee of $100.00

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